Media Library.



Our Media Library is rich with a great selection of DVDs, FREE for your viewing. Just contact us and we would be happy to lend/give you certain titles.  DVD categories include the following:

1. Spiritual basics about salvation in Jesus Christ. this includes studies such as Biblical doctrine, Bible Prophecy, and other topics relating to our future. 

2. Family relationships - Marriage, Children, Friends.

3. Health - You don't have to be sick. An assortment of doctors and other speakers, majoring on the importance of desease prevention and a positive lifestyle. topics such as Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cholesterol and Exercise are covered.

4. Laws of Health - Covers nature's eight doctors. Take control of your life. Be sure to see this one.

5. Cooking - A great selection of cooking DVDs with an emphasis on a plant based diet.

6. Creation - Evolution and the scientific method. how does science proove the that the Bible is true? includes a selection of DVDs.

7. Entertainment - A selection of DVDs that survey the Entertainment industry and reveal some amazing issues about your relationship to God.

8. Other topics available also.



Our selection of books FREE to take (upon availability) include the following:

  • The Great Controversy
  • Steps to Christ
  • Conflict of the Ages
  • The Desire of Ages
  • Prophet of the End
  • A variety of tracts.
  • Many other titles for lending only, in our Book Library.













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